I never thought I would blog about anything, let alone about being the mother of a transgender woman. When my beautiful child came to me at 20 years old to tell me a secret that they had kept hidden most of their life, it broke my heart and made me proud all at once.

I went through so many emotions in the coming weeks, sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, guilt and love. Acceptance was always there, but how would I navigate this unchartered territory?? How would I be the take charge momma I always thought I was? How could I have missed all that pain she must have went through for years? Would she be happy? Would she be healthy? Would she find true love? And then realized these were fears I had for all my children, cis gender or trans, gay or straight, these are the fears that are universal to all parents. Not to diminish the fact that there are some exceptionally different things we will all have to worry about but at the core, we all fear for our children.

I would like to share some of this and hopefully the past five years of my journey can help parents realize they are not alone. We can accept and love our children unconditionally because it is what they deserve and it’s what we deserve.

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