The design process is probably the hardest part of actually getting your ideas out there. Sure you can sketch a beautiful gown or sexy panties but now you have to make that gorgeous drawing a reality. Sourcing fabrics is a tedious but satisfying part of the design process, knowing what you want your garment to feel like is something that can be hard to translate into a tangible product. It can be easier to accomplish when you have a network of professionals to help you.

As I have been developing my lingerie line, I have met a multitude of amazing people who have helped me get to my goal. Picking the right fabric, laces and notions is such an important part of making sure your vision is realized. Let’s be honest, spending a day looking at beautiful silks, satins, laces and trimmings is not a bad day spent. There are just so many options that narrowing it down can at first seem like an impossible task.

Designing lingerie in general is a technical challenge but making sure that your designs are inclusive, makes it a little more challenging. I like to think of how I can make sure that all women feel beautiful and valid, even if it’s just under your clothes.

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