It’s almost that time of year again, trying to find that perfect gift for our loved ones.

It’s never easy to find gifts for many of our family members. I always look to gift guides and articles about gift ideas for inspiration.

With that thought in mind, a few weeks ago I tried to get on a holiday gift guide for the transgender community. But alas, I couldn’t find one, so what’s a mom to do? I created one!!! I researched and found some amazing companies with great products to share.

I know that as parents and loved ones of the LGBTQ+ Community, we want to buy affirming gifts. As members of the community, buying from queer owned businesses feels great! This list is all of those things, and there are also great gifts to buy for allies!!

Take a look at the gift guide, and let me know what you think!! If you or someone you know has a company that you think would be a perfect fit, please email me the info.

12 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Transgender Community