During Pride month there are so many ways to show you’re an ally and an advocate.

I had a fairly eventful Pride this year, at the beginning of the month I had the honor to participate in an amazing workshop held at Naughty Bettie in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My gorgeous model Alana Jessica and I flew into Grand Rapids to speak about healthy tucking, and all the pros and cons linked to tucking. (If you’re interested in holding a workshop on tucking and/or binding, please contact me)

I highlighted many transgender advocates on my Instagram, if you don’t follow me, please do!! I also am doing two fundraisers this month, one is for my wonderful local Pride Center of Staten Island, for every $100 spent on the website I will donate $10. I’m also doing a Facebook fundraiser for an amazing organization called Stand with Trans, if you don’t follow them on Facebook go do it now.

Everything came to an amazing culmination on Sunday during NYC Pride, I met a group of parents with the organization “Free Mom Hugs” and we stood on the streets of Manhattan with signs and open hearts. We hugged so many people, there were more than one occasions when our huggees broke down in tears because they haven’t had a real mom hug in so long. It was such an intensely emotional day, I was not prepared for that. I went with the thought that I would go and help some people that needed so extra love, a little affection, a word of support, little did I know how much I would benefit from doing something as simple as giving a stranger a hug.

I think that right there sums up being an Ally, it shows how being an Advocate can be so fulfilling and give you joy. Just a small act of kindness, just a moment that someone feels seen, that is being an Ally, that is being an Advocate. While protests and marches are an important aspect, just being there for someone in any way possible is the greatest way we can show our support, our acceptance and our love!