I recently went to what can only be called a fabric lovers heaven, Interfiliere New York is a convention in name only.  I am lucky enough to live in NYC and have access to so many of the fashion industries major events.  

Interfiliere New York is a special one, in that is exclusively for the intimate apparel and swimwear industry.  If you’ve never been to a sourcing event, and love to actually get a feel for amazing fabrics, this is just what you’ve never known you were missing.

There are also great lectures on very interesting and important topics, this year was focused on sustainability which is so important in the fashion industry, in all of its many facets.  It was great to listen to some interesting experts and innovators, some doing amazing things to make fashion a cleaner and more sustainable industry.

But those fabrics!!!  That was honestly where my attentions were, you know me and sparkly things so to speak.  For me the fabrics were all about how lux and soft and gorgeous, some laces that were just so different and modern.  

If you are a designer, especially in intimate apparel, you need to get to Interfiliere …. if not NY maybe their Paris show!!!!

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